Expungements: The Second Chance Law

Effective July 1, 2013, dismissed, misdemeanor, and Class D felony cases can be expunged and sealed and major felony convictions can be expunged.


Indiana’s sealing and expungement laws have paved the way for many Hoosiers to remove blemishes from their criminal records. 

Everyone makes mistakes but people change and grow over time. Don’t let the past affect your future.

Why choose Rebecca as your EXPUNGEMENT attorney?

  • Experience. Rebecca is a former Miami prosecutor with years of experience. She understands the prosecution’s strategy. Because of that experience, she also has a unique understanding of possible defenses.

  • Trial Attorney. Rebecca is a trial attorney with extensive jury trial experience and victories. She is not afraid to go to trial and fight for you.

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  • Compassion. You need an attorney who will listen and not Judge. You need an attorney who is not afraid to stand up to the prosecution. You need an advocate.

  • She is there for you. Rebecca is there to represent you and is happy to answer any and all of your questions. She knows the legal system is a foreign land to most. Let her help you navigate through today.

Rebecca Gray dedicates her time and energy to securing the best possible outcome for her clients. When you are charged with a criminal case you could be facing mandatory classes, fines and probation, or even prison or jail time. This is your life on the line. Pick an attorney who will handle your case right. Pick an advocate. Pick Rebecca Gray.


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