Rebecca Gray

Rebecca Gray attended law school at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.,  one of our nation’s top academic institutions. There, she had the honor of being taught by the country’s foremost experts in their chosen fields in the epicenter of our nation’s justice system. The lessons she learned there have helped shape her advocacy skills to this day and the experiences she had in our nation’s capital will carry with her for a lifetime. 

After graduating, she moved to Miami, FL where she began her career as a criminal prosecutor at one of the country’s largest prosecutorial offices. For over three years, Rebecca filed, prepared, and tried cases ranging from traffic offenses and misdemeanors to serious felonies. 

For over a year, Rebecca was responsible for the prosecution of drunk driving related offenses in Miami. She was in constant contact with experts and officers in the field; forever learning changes and advancements in the law. Additionally, she was responsible for training all incoming prosecutors regarding drunk driving law and resolving the most difficult cases with defense attorneys. As a result, she gained a vast knowledge of drunk driving laws in the United States.

Rebecca entered the field of criminal law because of her passion for justice and people. No one plans on being accused and arrested for a crime. But, it is truly in that moment when you realize how valuable the rights you have been afforded are.

In every criminal matter, the State has the burden. Make them prove the charges against you.
— You need an attorney who is one step ahead of the State.
— An attorney who knows what your rights are.
—An attorney who knows how the State will prove a charge knows how to beat it.

You need Rebecca Gray.