A blood alcohol reading approximated by a breath test is often the best evidence the State will have against you in an OWI case.


In a world of CSI, potential jurors are always looking for hard, scientific evidence to hang their hat on. To them, scientific evidence equals reliable evidence. Unfortunately for Defendants, breathalyzer results are just that for potential jurors. 

That being said, breath test results are not impossible to overcome if you have an attorney like Rebecca Gray who knows how to attack their reliability.

In Indiana, Administrative code, 260 governs Indiana’s breath testing program. Like with FSTs, certain officers have been trained on how to properly administer a breath test. If an officer deviates from the procedure, the resulting reading may be unreliable.

✋ Additionally, other factors may impact the reliability of a breath test result. These factors include; various medical conditions, body mass or even temperature.


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